Coca-Cola embraces the world with uplifting Olympics campaign

Coca-Cola embraces the world with uplifting Olympics campaign

Coca-Cola is pouring a wave of unity over the 2024 Paris Olympics with its new campaign, “It’s Magic When the World Comes Together,” highlighting the power of sports to unite people across cultures.

A wave of hugs

The multi-channel campaign centers around hugs, a universal symbol of acceptance and connection. The lead commercial recreates a heartwarming scene from the Tokyo 2020 Games, where swimmers embraced after a record-breaking performance. Inspired by this act of sportsmanship, a wave of hugs ripples through the stands, the streets of Paris, and ultimately, the world. “Our differences are what make us unique, but when we come together, that’s when the magic happens,” said in a press release Islam ElDessouky, Coca-Cola’s global head of content and creative strategy.


Multi-channel campaign

The campaign, which launched just days after Coca‑Cola was named Creative Brand of the Year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, extends beyond this ad. Limited-edition Coke cans showcase halves of a hug, forming a complete embrace when placed together. Special French packaging features artwork by local artists, and out-of-home ads bring the campaign to life in Paris.


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(credit: Coca-Cola)

The power to unite

According to the press release, the brand hopes the campaign, developed over 18 months with aid from WPP Open X, will inspire connection and remind us that despite our differences, we’re all human. “The Olympic Games have the power to unite us,” says swimmer Tatjana Schoenmaker. “We can all find inspiration in each athlete’s story.” Coca-Cola is a long-standing sponsor of the Olympics and Paralympics.


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