Clarins debuts on CTV to stay number one in ‘ever-cluttered’ market

Clarins debuts on CTV to stay number one in ‘ever-cluttered’ market
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Beauty brand Clarins has launched its first campaign on connected TV (CTV) to target women aged 35 and over with an interest in beauty.

The £1m campaign aims to “cement” Clarin’s Double Serum skincare range as the UK’s leading premium anti-aging serum by exploring new formats and targeting approaches to “stay fresh” while reaching a broad audience base.

Liz Ragoo, managing partner at the brand’s media agency Spark Foundry, said that as CTV audiences were continuing to grow, the medium’s landscape was “the perfect environment” to drive high impact, reach and frequency, and ultimately growth for the brand.

She added: “For the first time, Clarins is able to leverage first party data to precisely target their audience of Women 35+ with an interest in beauty across CTV — this ground-breaking initiative is driving even more refined targeting efficiency and significantly greater reach.”

This marks the third campaign Spark Foundry have coordinated for Clarins’ Double Serum Trilogy and will also run across broadcaster video-on-demand, digital display, search, social, and traditional print between 1 September and 12 October.

This is also the brand’s first campaign delivered using a tool called “PMX Lift”; a cross-channel video planning, activation and measurement service for brands, combining Publicis Media and Epsilon’s data and tech which is available to all Publicis media agencies.

Previously, the brand usually used “a blanket targeted approach”, but Lorraine Barnett, marketing director at Clarins, said this campaign was different because it used a blend of both traditional and more innovative approaches to ensure Double Serum was seen in premium environments by both new and existing customers.

Alongside other key performance indicators, Spark Foundry will be running Brand Lift Studies with Azerion, Teads and YouTube.

The campaign’s success will be measured against sales and Clarins’ ability to defend its number one position in NPD rankings in Total Market, Serum & Anti-Ageing Market and Eye Treatment Market.

Media was handled by Spark Foundry and creative was by Leap.

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