Bloomberg Media’s monthly deep-dive: Global travellers

Bloomberg Media’s monthly deep-dive: Global travellers
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This month’s Audience Insight from Bloomberg Media is a special edition: Global Travellers.

On 19 October, Bloomberg Media announced “Now Boarding: The Global Traveller’s Outlook” highlighting how both leisure and business audiences view travel today, as they move into a post-pandemic world. With the evolved travel landscape of the last few years, “Now Boarding” takes a deeper look at the current and future travel sentiments and behaviours, using Bloomberg Media’s proprietary qualitative and quantitative study to uncover the common themes and topics with indicative statistical figures.

“We have pulled from the wider report to create this month’s Audience Insight focusing on Global Travellers.

The report shows that 70% of companies have now opened back up to business travel, mostly for client meetings and conferences. From the data collected, we can see these travellers are more conscious of their carbon footprint, local communities, and technologies. This mobile-first audience are engaging with interests on Bloomberg that reflect their shifting mindset: they are engaging with insights around balancing work, life and travel in a more conscious way.

I hope this special edition insight is useful for your own research and planning. If you’d like to view all of Now Boarding: The Global Traveller’s Outlook please do get in touch with us here.

Read the Global Traveller Audience Insight here.

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