Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive. This month: Luxury Shopper & High Net Worth Audiences

Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive. This month: Luxury Shopper & High Net Worth Audiences
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Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive each month delivering focused intelligence on content engagement, consumption patterns, key takeaways and opportunities, helping you form strategies that connect your messages with deeply engaged business leaders.

Duncan Chater, managing director, Europe, Bloomberg Media, explains:

“This month we share actionable insights on Luxury Shopper & High Net Worth Audiences.

“A younger, more diverse cohort of luxury consumers is changing business with its high affinity for emerging technology, bold investment moves and sustainable, ethically-minded buying habits.”

“To stand out in front of this audience and future-proof their business, It’s crucial for brands to show commitment to environmental progress whilst demonstrating their leadership in innovation.

“In the investing arena, digital-native HNW Millennial investors are embracing the future of finance. More than 40% own up to 10% of their total investments in crypto. Moreover, 78% of NFT bidders at Sotherbys were new to the auction house and more than half were under 40 (source: Wealthramp Future of Finance Survey, Bloomberg Opinion).

“At the same time, luxury shoppers are compromising less on sustainability, forcing companies to focus on their ESG efforts. The resell, reuse and re-living of luxury experiences is being destigmatized among the younger generation of luxury shoppers, resulting in projected sales growth of 65% to $33bn globally between 2017-21 (source: Bloomberg Intelligence, Luxury Primer, The Real Real 2022 Luxury Consignment Report).

“Below, we’ve shared additional data with an eye to helping brands grow and thrive in our current environment.

Read the Luxury Shopper and HNW Insight here.

These timely audience insights leverage data and insights from Bloomberg Intelligence, a team of 350+ global research professionals, BloombergAiQ, our proprietary audience and content analysis platform, and Bloomberg Brand Accelerator, which to date has measured 15,000+ global decision-makers’ perceptions of 700+ brands to define brand Vision, Strength, Trust, Relevance and Familiarity.

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