Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive. This month: Investors and Financial Advisors

Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive. This month: Investors and Financial Advisors
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Bloomberg Media brings you an audience deep-dive each month delivering focused intelligence on content engagement, consumption patterns, key takeaways and opportunities, helping you form strategies that connect your messages with deeply engaged business leaders.

Duncan Chater, managing director, Europe, Bloomberg Media, explains:

“This month we share actionable insights on Investors and Financial Advisors.

“Wealth is more important to people than ever before: 74% say they have spent more time thinking about their financial wellbeing and reorganising their personal finances as a result of the pandemic (Source: Schroders 2021, DriveWealth 2022 Report). Along with this increased interest, the demographic and mindset of investors is shifting. More women are investing, Boomers are passing down their wealth to Gen X and across segments, investing with positive social impact continues to grow. These changes mean FA’s have a new set of clientele and need a new set of investment strategies.

“As these audiences help shape the future of finance and adapt to future-proof their own wealth, business models and careers, brands have an opportunity to help them navigate this evolving landscape.

“I hope you enjoy reading this month’s insight and find the key takeaways and recommendations useful for your own planning.”

Read the Investor and FA’s insight here.

These timely audience insights leverage data and insights from Bloomberg Intelligence, a team of 350+ global research professionals, BloombergAiQ, our proprietary audience and content analysis platform, and Bloomberg Brand Accelerator, which to date has measured 15,000+ global decision-makers’ perceptions of 700+ brands to define brand Vision, Strength, Trust, Relevance and Familiarity.

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