Simon Kenny

Simon Kenny began his career as an advertising executive at Young & Rubicam in 1986, where he worked as a media planner in London and for the Y&R Europe before leaving to join the Walt Disney Company in 1992 to work in barter TV program distribution. In 1994 he was promoted to VP to manage Pay TV film distribution in Europe and the business development process to roll-out the Disney Channel into such diverse territories as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, pan-regional Latin America and Brazil. In 2002 Simon joined Warner Bros International TV in London, before moving to Los Angeles in 2006 to become Global President of Digital Distribution. In 2009 Simon returned to the UK and became a partner in the boutique media consultancy Ravensbeck, before becoming CEO of Hoptroff London Ltd in 2016, which provides synchronized timing services to the financial services industry, enabling distributed automated trading servers to be synchronized to 100 microseconds, with microsecond timestamping on every trading decision, so that accurate monitoring and reconstruction of automated trading can be provided on demand.