Laura Chaibi

Laura Chaibi is director of Ad Marketing and Insights – International at Roku. Laura Chaibi is an award-winning seasoned media and marketing professional who has pioneered digital media and ad measurement across online, mobile, social, and video for consumer, media, and advertising insights and effectiveness. More than $200m of insights and multimillion dollar ad budgets have been managed under her watchful eye over her 20-year career at a company and industry level. She has amassed technical skills from years steeped in ad and brand measurement for digital media and VOD platforms. Her background working with major global broadcasters, digital and advertising brands worldwide including Yahoo, Orange France Telecom, BBC, AOL, and a host of global media and broadcasters as well as consulting for global research companies, has primed her for International expansion at Roku leading Advertising Marketing and Insights with Roku. Laura is CIM qualified from London Metropolitan University and sits on the board of WIRe, Women in Research Executives, a USA not for profit helping women globally with their paths into leadership roles. She has been the international editor of the IPA training programs since 2019, a commissioned author on Digital transformation and the role of Data with Econsultancy, and she submitted her first patent application in 2012. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Laura has lived and worked across several continents and is currently back in the UK after several years based in Dubai.