Anxious mothers want brands to help offset stress

Anxious mothers want brands to help offset stress

Brands should feature positive, supportive content to connect effectively with increasingly anxious mothers.

That is according to the latest Motherhood Matrix Study by Everyday Health Group Pregnancy and Parenting (EHG P&P).

The study found that American mothers’ rate of anxiety is on-par with rates reached early in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over two-thirds (68%) say they are experiencing anxiety, with more than a third (35%) reporting current levels as “moderate” to “severe.” The mental health concern is particularly acute for young mothers in Gen Z, with nearly half (45%) reporting moderate or severe anxiety.

Causes for stressors include family finances especially as they relate to inflation.

As such, the study suggests that brands should consider advertising in ways that provide some form of help toward moms. Namely, survey respondents indicated support for brands to help offset stress through content and messaging that:

  • Showcases real moms (65%)
  • Is relatable (63%)
  • Is educational/informational (61%)
  • Is uplifting/positive (55%)


Perhaps unsurprisingly, due to their higher anxiety levels, 53% of Gen Z mothers also cited wanting to see ads, social posts, and other parenting and pregnancy content that “gives them peace of mind.” In comparison, 43% of Millennial moms and 31% of Gen X moms said the same.

Michelle Calhoun, global chief revenue officer at EHG P&P, said of the results: “Motherhood has always offered challenges along with rewards, but this research shows that the challenges are becoming exceptionally stressful for today’s moms – and brands need to pay attention. Moms are not in a place to respond well to overly prescriptive messaging. By focusing on creating supportive, positive content, marketers have an opportunity to be seen as true allies.”

The research surveyed 3,232 mothers across the US.

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