Adidas and Topshop among launch brands for Snap’s new e-commerce offering

Adidas and Topshop among launch brands for Snap’s new e-commerce offering

With Covid-19 continuing to impact physical retail, Snapchat has today announced its extended commitment to e-commerce advertisers with the launch of ‘dynamic product ads’.

Snapchat said it wanted to support the growing momentum for e-commerce, and now advertisers in the UK can automatically create globally-served Snapchat ads in real-time, based on product catalogues that can contain hundreds of thousands of items.

Brands involved in the beta testing include Adidas, Farfetch and Topshop, who all reported positive sales results from showcasing their products and services through the customised ad formats.

“In the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown we have shifts in how consumers are interacting with e-commerce with people increasingly shopping on their mobiles – a trend we expect to continue,” said FarFetch chief marketing officer Gareth Jones.

“As a result, we have re-engineered our e-commerce marketing activity to support the many fashion boutiques we work with, and the consumers we serve.”

Jones added the DPAs had “transformed” Farfetch’s activity across the entire sales funnel. “We lent heavily into DPAs during the testing period and we have seen significant success that has translated into high-quality customers and ultimately transactions. We plan to continue to build on our relationship with Snapchat and we see them as an always-on partner.”

Lockdown has forced many business to ramp up their e-commerce efforts to keep up with consumer demand. According to the Interactive Media in Retail Group, online sales grew to a 10-year high in April, representing a 23.8% year-on-year increase.

“The coronavirus has accelerated the need for businesses to look at their digital sales channels and encouraged them to be more innovative in how they do that,” said Ed Couchman, general manager, Snapchat UK.

“Since we opened up the beta testing I was impressed at the number of businesses who wanted to get involved – far above what we expected – which really shows the appetite for brands to get on board with e-commerce.”

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