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A final farewell from the editor

A final farewell from the editor

After almost eight years in the post, Mediatel News’ editor steps down this week with a parting message to readers

Covid-19, I’m guessing, scuppered your plans. It certainly proved bothersome to my own. I announced in early March that I would be stepping down as editor of Mediatel News with the ambitious idea of disappearing into the mountains of Europe to rock climb for six months. I’d purchased a campervan, agreed to be away from my long-term partner for most of the duration, and together we’d given up the flat we shared. Then along came the pandemic.

Now, happily coinciding with an easing of the restrictions, and two months later than planned, I am continuing with my trip and today is my final day in the editor’s chair.

It does feel rather limp and strange to bow out over various Zoom calls and without hugs and handshakes, but it is what it is.

All I want to say here, to my regular readers, is that I’m incredibly proud of what my tiny team has achieved over the last eight years, and I hope you can see just what we’ve done without me having to spell it out in laborious detail.

From having the wonderful weekly doses of Dominic Mills and Ray Snoddy – both a joy to edit and publish before watching how they invite industry debate – to hosting thousands of thought pieces that have often translated into actual industry change; or the many brilliant features and profile articles my talented team has written, I feel I’m leaving the platform in a better place than when I first picked up the reins.

So all that’s left to say is thank-you, sincerely, to everyone who has contributed to the effort during my time here; not just my brilliant reporters and columnists, but the readers, supportive colleagues and the many friends, frenemies and sources that help make Mediatel News what it is.

I’m sorry I’m unable to name-check everyone who deserves it – what a list that would be – but I will mention one name: Derek Jones, now chairman of Mediatel Group, who hired me in 2012 and gave me the freedom and support to do what I wanted. He helped build a brilliant business staffed with a true family of brilliant people and I will miss them terribly.

You can now expect some changes ahead for the platform, certainly in the short-term, and this weekly note from the editor is going to be the last one for the time being.

Meanwhile, news of a restructured editorial team will be announced in due course, but until then I leave the platform in the hands of Michaela Jefferson, a hugely talented reporter and gifted writer on the ascendancy – so much so, that as of today she has been promoted to news editor, and will be supported by our excellent cohort of experienced, regular columnists.

Times are strange and worrying, but the industry that I know is too quick witted to let it hinder them. I look forward to leaving the editor’s chair and becoming a regular reader to see just how you’ll pull it off.

Good luck and thanks for everything.


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KarenStacey, CEO, Digital Cinema Media, on 08 Jul 2020
“Safe Travels - A Well Deserved Adventure!”
BobWootton, Principal, Deconstruction, on 03 Jul 2020
“Bravo. ‘Nuff said. Good luck and see you on the other side ????”

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