7th Minute launches ‘TV Mentions’ media planning tool

7th Minute launches ‘TV Mentions’ media planning tool

Contextual data company 7th Minute has pledged to deliver “TV mentions” in audience reporting by analysing every word spoken on TV, including ads and programmes.

The tool, called 7M Discovery, is supposed ensure advertisers’ campaigns are reaching their target audiences and differentiate between mentions in paid and earned content.

The platform is built on transcription technologies that can determine whether content is an ad or occurs as part of a broadcast programme. Users can search the a database of the recorded terms for relevant keywords (such as brand, product and competitor information), or view the “TV mentions” with a dashboard and charts.

By providing brands with unique, data-driven insight on when they and their industry are discussed on TV, 7th Minute wants to enable tactical planning for marketing strategies.

Other claimed benefits include being able to support return on investment measurement on TV adspend by linking sales and search data to specific TV content, monitor competitors’ TV advertising and mentions, and understand TV content trends over time.

Details such as day, time, TV channel and TV programme where the TV mention occurred are included on the platform.

Sentiment analysis, audience reach and demographic data, real-time notifications when predefined TV mentions occur, contextual information and increased personalisation are additional features planned for the 7M Discovery platform in the future.

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