Wegovy takes over airwaves in TV ad blitz to promote weight loss drug

Wegovy takes over airwaves in TV ad blitz to promote weight loss drug

Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy, a weight-loss medication, has become a fixture on television screens across the country. 

Outspending competitors

Data from TV ad tracker iSpot.tv reveals Wegovy’s “Power of Wegovy” campaign dominated national television in June, reported the Wall Street Journal. The ad, featuring a reworked version of “This is Me” from “The Greatest Showman,” aired over 6,200 times, reportedly costing a staggering $42 million – the most expensive ad campaign during that period. The commercial was the third most viewed on TV between June 3 and June 25, with nearly 2 billion household TV ad impressions, iSpot said. Only ads from fast-food chain Burger King and auto-glass-replacement company Safelite AutoGlass were seen more times. 


Shifting focus from Ozempic to Wegovy

This aggressive ad strategy marks a shift for Novo Nordisk. Last year, Ozempic, another one of their drugs, held the spotlight on television. Ozempic ads aired 24,513 times on national linear TV, while Wegovy ads didn’t run at all during that time, according to iSpot data. However, Wegovy’s recent FDA approval for weight management in a broader range of patients and its additional cardiovascular benefits make it a more attractive candidate for advertising.

Multiple goals

According to the Wall Street Journal, this ad blitz serves several purposes for Novo Nordisk. It signals an easing of supply constraints and aims to capture patients who were previously unable to fill prescriptions. It positions Wegovy as the leader in a potentially crowded market with increasing competition on the horizon. Finally, the campaign aims to reduce the stigma associated with obesity and weight-loss treatment. “Diverse representation in health care campaigns can play a significant role in patients feeling seen, heard and understood, especially in a stigmatized space like obesity, which we’ve been engaged in for more than two decades,” said Tejal Vishalpura, Senior Vice President, Commercial Strategy and Marketing for Novo Nordisk. 

Competition looms

While Wegovy enjoys a current market advantage, Novo Nordisk faces challenges. Compounded versions of their drugs, which are often easier to obtain and less expensive, pose a threat. Additionally, the potential arrival of generic versions of Wegovy could further disrupt the market. Nonetheless, Novo Nordisk’s significant investment in Wegovy advertising suggests confidence in the drug’s future. 


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